Choice for Seniors Media Kit

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Central New Jersey’s Premier Eldercare directory for seniors and their caregivers 

To address the growing population of seniors in Hunterdon County, Hunterdon Helpline has created a new elder-care directory, called CHOICES for Seniors. The goal of this directory is to educate seniors and their caregivers about the resources available to them in Hunterdon County and beyond.

The 8 by 11 glossy publication includes a free listing of non-profit agencies and organizations that cater to the needs of seniors. CHOICES for Seniors provides information to seniors and/or their caregivers in need of such services all in one publication.

The publication, which is Hunterdon-centric, also has information from parts of Mercer, Somerset and Warren counties that is helpful to Hunterdon residents and vice versa. It is distributed in hard copy at hospitals, physicians’ offices, senior centers and other locales frequented by seniors and their caregivers. An online and mobile version is available on this web site. A PDF can be downloaded. CHOICES for Seniors will be updated every 18 months.

Non-profit and government agencies with programs for seniors will be given a listing in the directory gratis and will have the opportunity to purchase a non-profit, discounted ad.

A portion of the proceeds from the paid ads will benefit Hunterdon Helpline. Hunterdon Helpline has a Seniors & Disabilities Division which focuses on the needs of seniors. Given its expertise in this area and the constant requests it has for such information, it is the appropriate organization to launch CHOICES for Seniors. Including your information in this directory not only supports seniors and caregivers in our community, while providing information about your organization, it supports the important work of Hunterdon Helpline..